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Complete Wellness & Weight Loss: Personalized Care in NC

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At Complete Wellness & Weight Loss, we believe that taking care of your health goes beyond just treating symptoms. We offer comprehensive care that addresses the root cause of your health issues, providing a natural and holistic approach to your overall well-being. Located in North Carolina, our clinic is dedicated to providing personalized health and wellness services to patients of all ages, including urgent care services when needed.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

As we age, our hormone levels can become imbalanced, leading to a variety of health issues. Complete Wellness & Weight Loss, other than primary care in North Carolina, specializes in bio-identical hormone therapy to help restore your body's natural balance and improve your overall well-being. This treatment can help reduce symptoms of menopause, improve energy levels, and enhance your quality of life.

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Medically Assisted Weight Loss

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge for many individuals. Our medically assisted weight loss program combines the expertise of their professional providers with personalized care to create a tailored plan that works for you. We focus on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, and the use of medications when necessary to help you achieve your weight loss goals and improve your overall health.

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Direct Primary Care

At Complete Wellness & Weight Loss, everyone deserves access to high-quality, personalized healthcare. Our direct primary care model allows us to provide comprehensive care for their patients at an affordable price. This includes regular checkups, preventive care, and treatment for acute and chronic illnesses. By focusing on personalized care, we can better address your unique health needs and help you achieve optimal wellness. We direct primary care entails a monthly-fee concierge service and offers one-on-one health care.

Primary Care for All Ages

Our professional providers are experienced in offering primary care services to patients of all ages. From newborns to seniors, we are dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive care that addresses your unique health needs. Whether you require routine checkups, or treatment for acute or chronic illnesses, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

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Experience the Complete Wellness & Weight Loss Difference

  • Personalized care tailored to your unique health needs

  • Availability and accessibility for patients, including urgent care services

  • Professional, experienced providers offering a range of healthcare services

  • A focus on natural and wholistic approaches to address the root cause of health issues

Take the First Step Towards Optimal Health and Wellness

Are you ready to experience the personalized care and natural, holistic approach that Complete Wellness & Weight Loss offers? Reach out to our clinic today to discover how we can help you achieve optimal health and well-being by addressing the root cause of your health issues. Contact us now to take the first step on your journey to complete wellness.